Natural vinegar 6% wines “White”

Natural vinegar 6% wines “White”
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Wine white elite vinegar is a product of natural fermentation of grape juice. According to the taste characteristics it is lighter and milder than wine red vinegar. Due to this, it will be a great addition to home-made dishes. With its help you can cook a delicious salad – both vegetable and fruit, or add it to the dish of any cuisine. Experienced housewives know that white wine can be replaced with white wine vinegar, according to the recipe, while still having spicy grape aftertaste.

Ingredients: winy vinegar is from natural food raw material, water.

Net weight (g) 500
Linear dimensions  (mm) 72х59х235
Pieces per package 9
Package weght (kg) 8.8
Shelf life(months) 14
Barcode 4820015945860
Pieces per pallet 720