Tomato paste with 25% of dry matter

Tomato paste with 25% of dry matter
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Tomato paste will be a great addition to any dish. It consists exclusively of natural and ripe Ukrainian tomatoes. In addition, the seasoning has 25% of dry matter in its contents. Tomato paste will come in handy for a housewife when preparing a variety of soups where tomatoes are needed. It goes well with fish cooked in the oven, as well as with fried vegetables. It will make a better taste for such dishes as vegetable ragout, meat goulash, and also will become the basis for cooking Mexican dishes.
Ingredients: tomato paste, acetic acid.

Net weight (g) 490
Linear dimensions  (mm) 85х85х120
Pieces per package 12
Package weght (kg) 9,16
Shelf life(months) 12
Barcode 4820015942838
Pieces per pallet 972