“Ukrainian special” sauce

“Ukrainian special” sauce
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“Ukrainian special” sauce is a universal seasoning for any dish. It consists of apple puree, tomato paste and extracts of cloves, cinnamon, garlic and other elements, due to which the aroma and taste of the spice are unique. “Ukrainian special” sauce can be combined not only with usual for us meat dishes and vegetable ragout, but also it can be added to side dishes. So, boiled potatoes or fragrant rice mixed with this seasoning acquire an entirely new, fragrant and mild taste.

Ingredients: drink water, tomato paste, sugar, apple puree, modified corn starch, salt, acetic acid, extracts of spices, preservatives – sorbic acid, sweetener-acesulfame potassium.

Net weight (g) 485
Linear dimensions  (mm) 85х85х120
Pieces per package 12
Package weght (kg) 9,16
Shelf life(months) 12
Barcode 4820015946393
Pieces per pallet 972