Sweet Chilli Sauce

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An integral component of Thai cuisine, which has also got its recognition in Latin America, the USA, Europe and Asia.

Sweet Chilli Sauce from TM Runa is best served with meat dishes, especially beef. Its distinctive ingredient is a fermented chilli mash, produced from Ukrainian spicy peppers. Combined with wine vinegar and dried vegetables, it gives Sweet Chilli Sauce its ruby color and a light heady aroma.

Ingredients: water, sugar, fermented chilli mash, wine vinegar, corn starch, dried vegetables (bell pepper, garlic), salt, garlic extract.

Net weight (g) 240
Country of origin Thailand
Linear dimensions  (mm) 62х62х165
Pieces per package 6
Package weght (kg) 2,65
Shelf life(months) 18
Barcode 4820015949028
Pieces per pallet 1152