“Krasnodar special” sauce

“Krasnodar special” sauce
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“Krasnodar spesial” sauce is a variation of the classic Krasnodarskyi sauce that has a subtle and sophisticated taste. Apple puree included in the product is complemented with notes of sweet pepper, nutmeg, and sweet clove. In combination, it makes sauce really special, able to make any dishes sophisticated and delicate. It is recommended for use with meat (pork and beef), as well as with poultry. Sauce will complement the taste of grilled vegetables and cooked dishes.
Ingredients: drink water, tomato paste, sugar, apple puree, modified corn starch, salt, acetic acid, extracts of spices, preservatives – sorbic acid, sweetener-acesulfame potassium.

Net weight (g) 485
Linear dimensions  (mm) 85х85х120
Pieces per package 12
Package weght (kg) 9,16
Shelf life(months) 12
Barcode 4820015946409
Pieces per pallet 972