“Ketcha” tomato sause

“Ketcha” tomato sause
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“Ketcha” tomato sause is one of the brightest and most popular among the seasonings for dishes. The ingredients of this sauce combine natural and selected products, including dried vegetables, peppers, garlic and others, as well as soft tomato paste. “Ketcha” tomato sause is used for traditional Ukrainian dishes. It is recommended for homemade borsch, as an additive to meat dumplings, and also as a seasoning for vegetables and meat on the grill. A stylish bottle will help to distribute properly the sauce to the family.

Ingredients: water, tomato paste (23,8%), sugar, spirit vinegar, corn starch, salt, dried vegetables (sweet  pepper, onion, garlic), spice extracts.

Net weight (g) 235
Linear dimensions  (mm) 62х62х165
Pieces per package 6
Package weght (kg) 2,65
Shelf life 3 year
Barcode 4820015946522
Pieces per pallet 1152