“Chili” tomato sauce

“Chili” tomato sauce
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“Chili” tomato sauce is the most popular type of sauce not only in Ukraine but also throughout the world. Its ingredients include extracts of gentle cayenne, hot pepper and chili peppers, which in combination give an unparalleled taste. “Chili” sauce is used to prepare a variety of dishes. The most popular of these is the classic pizza. The smell of zest will be appreciated by fans of unusual meat and fish taste, to which you can add a few drops of fragrant and delicious sauce. The sauce poured in bottles can be taken for a picnic.
Ingredients: water, tomato paste (31,8 %), spirit vinegar, salt, corn starch, spice extracts (hot pepper and cayenne pepper, cloves), spice mix.

Net weight (g) 235
Linear dimensions  (mm) 62х62х165
Pieces per package 6
Package weght (kg) 2,65
Shelf life 3 year
Barcode 4820015946805
Pieces per pallet 1152