Original BBQ Sauce

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Each US state has its own recipe of BBQ sauce, and each state claims that its recipe is the best.

The Original BBQ Tomato Sauce by TM Runa will introduce you to the American BBQ culture. The sauce has a thick consistency due to the combination of tomato paste, spirit vinegar and sweet cane molasses. As a result, the sauce is not absorbed into meat, but remains on the surface, creating a spicy and sweetish crust during baking. It adds a light smoky flavor to ready-cooked meat.

We recommend serving the sauce with pork or beef ribs and other meat dishes.

Ingredients: sugar, tomato paste, water, salt, spirit vinegar, dried vegetables (bell pepper, onion, garlic),  hickory flavouring, cane molasses, acidity regulator – citric acid, coriander, mustard, natural caramel food coloring, smoke flavouring.

Net weight (g) 255
Country of origin USA
Linear dimensions (mm) 62х62х165
Pieces per package 6
Package weght (kg) 2,74
Shelf life (months) 36
Barcode 4820015947338
Pieces per pallet 1152