Solyanka Soup Base

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New in 2022!

Unique condiment – just dilute with hot water (1:1). 4 servings of the ready dish from one jar. It has everything you need (tomato paste, pickles, potatoes, onions, carrots, sweet peppers, olives, canned mushrooms, spices, sunflower oil), just add meat and lemon to taste.

Ingredients: water, tomato pasta (13,3%), fermented cucumbers (10%) (cucumbers, salt), sugar, dried vegetables (onions, carrots, sweet peppers), salt, dried potatoes (potatoes, emulsifier E 471, antioxidants E 304, E 223), pickled mushrooms, sunflower oil, modified corn starch, spices (dried parsnip root, dried parsley, ground black pepper), olive puree (0,3%) (green olives, salt), regulator acidity – citric acid, flavor enhancers – inosinate and sodium guanylate, lemon flavor, bay leaf extract.

Net weight (g) 470
Linear dimensions  (mm) 75х75х140
Quantity per package (pcs.) 12
Package weght (kg) 8,91
Shelf life (months) 24
Barcode 4820015949707
Pieces per pallet 1092