PrJSC “Lutsk Foods” is the leader on the Ukrainian market of producers of Private Label products in tomato sauces group. 7 years of work in this segment rewarded us with the experience of effective cooperation both with major national retail chains and foreign partners. In our work we apply the principle of individual approach to each client, which is achieved through flexibility and fast decision-making, with consistently high quality of the final product

Private Label products include:

  • tomato sauces
  • tomato paste
  • mayonnaise
  • ketchup
  • mustard
  • natural vinegar
  • adjika.

Packaging types and sizes depend on our clients’ preferences.

We offer a choice of packaging as follows:

  • plastic buckets
  • plastic bottles
  • glass-jars (“euro” jars)
  • glass bottles
  • doy-packs with dispenser
  • sachets
  • PET bottles

Volumes of packaging range from 70 g  to 10 kg.

PrJSC “Lutsk Foods” is the manufacturer of high quality, healthy and safe food products, as well as a responsible and reliable partner of your business.

Today PrJSC “Lutsk Foods” has considerable experience in production Private Label for different companies:

We have worked with:

  • LLC «VPK-Ukrayina» TM «Champion»
  • LLC «Tavriya-B» TM «7»
  • LLC «Lvivkholod» TM «Kucharochka»
  • LLC «Alyans Market» TM «SUPERO»
  • LLC «Silpo-Food»: TM «Premiya», TM «Povna Chasha»
  • LLC «ARGO-R» TM «S Price»
  • LLC «Novus Ukrayina» TM «NOVUS»
  • Orient Provision&Trading Co. LTD ТМ «Orient Gardens»
  • Arsenal PL Limited Liability Company ТМ «SMAK»
  • Lackmann Fleisch- und Feinkostfabrik GmbH ТМ «Kum»
  • Koba Trading s.r.o.  ТМ «Leon»
  • Solidus LDS S.R.L. ТМ «Tomatushka»
  • Sun&Flower International BV ТМ «Sun&Flower»
  • 3G-Georgian Global Group, OOO ТМ«Bebo»
  • Jaafar Trading Enterprise ТМ«J.T.»
  • Вейселоглу, ООО ТМ«Tomatto»
  • Tabakas Nams Grupa, SIA TM «VESTRA»
  • Merkury Spółka Akcyjna ТМ «Daryna»

For more information please contact our specialist:

Gerasymchuk Oksana

+ 38 050 010 62 76