HoReCa Dijon Mustard

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Dijon mustard is the most popular condiment in the world, named after the French city of Dijon, that used to be the center of mustard production in the early Middle Ages. For many people it has become a favorite condiment, and is used to add a special zest and flavor to meat and fish dishes, as well as cold appetizers and salads.

PJSC “Lutsk Foods” offers mustard Dijon, which is made of mashed seeds of mustard greens and white mustard, with addition of natural grape vinegar, salt and spices. It has a rich spicy flavor, salty taste and soft creamy texture. It is possible to package the product in glass jars with twist-off lid or in plastic buckets of different weight; the shelf life can be up to 16 months, depending on the type of packaging and storage conditions.

Net weight (kg) 1 3 5,4
Units per package 4 6 2
Package weight (kg) 4,3 19,5 11,3
Units per pallet 120 168 126
Shelf life (months) 12 12 12