HoReCa Wholegrain Mustard

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Mustard Wholegrain is a seasoning with centuries-old history, but still remains the favorite seasoning in the world. Specific small grains of white and black mustard are crisply crumbled on the tongue and together with turmeric and wine vinegar create a savory and spicy taste of the main course. Meat marinades and panties with this mustard will give such an unusual and vivid taste to your favorite dishes – homemade baked meat, mutton, chicken feet, veal ribs and other meat delicacies. Mustard Wholegrain will be essential in seasoning the salad and will give it a delicious taste.

Ingredients: water, white mustard grains, sareptana mustard grains (28,5 %), winy vinegar, sugar, salt, acidity regulator – acetic acid, turmeric.

Net weight (kg) 1 3 5,4
Units per package 4 6 2
Package weight (kg) 4,3 19,5 11,3
Units per pallet 120 168 126
Shelf life (months) 180 180 180