Caucasian Adjika

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Caucasian Adjika is a seasoning that is used by people in mountain areas in their dishes. Being herbal and spicy, it perfectly shades off even the most delicate taste of cooked food. Its composition is completely natural: tomato paste, crushed garlic, sweet pepper and spices – dill, parsley and coriander, the combination of which gives a unique spicy taste. It is the best complement to meat dishes such as shashlyk, baked stalks, chicken feet and tender calf ribs.
Ingredients: tomato paste (58,8 %), water, spices (dill, parsley, сoriander), salt, sugar, dry vegetables (sweet pepper, garlic), acidity regulator – acetic acid,  hot pepper extract.

Net weight (g) 212
Linear dimensions  (mm) 60х60х105
Pieces per package 6
Package weght (kg) 2,34
Shelf life(months) 36
Barcode 4820015944016
Pieces per pallet 2160