Spicy Adjika

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The ingredients of this seasoning are truly unique: in addition to the basic notes of tomato paste, it has chords of sweet pepper, coriander, parsnip, basil and chabra. Harmonious combination of spices allows the taste to unfold gradually, filling the dish with new original notes. It is best combined with meat dishes, especially with lambs or chicken.
Ingredients: water,  tomato paste (36 %), sugar, salt, dry vegetables (sweet pepper, garlic), spices (celery root, parsley root, coriander, fenugreek, basil, savory), acidity regulator – acetic acid, hot pepper extract.

Net weight (g) 212
Linear dimensions  (mm) 60х60х105
Pieces per package 6
Package weght (kg) 2,34
Shelf life(months) 36
Barcode 4820015943880
Pieces per pallet 2160