Taking care of the loved ones is probably one of the most pleasant things to do. In our large kitchen Runa we do everything possible for our products to taste just like dishes cooked at home. As simple as that – a thorough selection of high-quality natural ingredients, and a careful adherence to the cooking process. Our main secret – we do not produce sauces Runa, we cook them with love instead. Food ingredients are processed minimally for the maximum preservation of their useful properties; glass jars are steam-sterilized.

PrJSC “Lutsk Foods”.


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Advantages of Our Products


  • due to a variety of recipes and  ingredients’ combinations


  • no preservatives; no food coloring agents


  • vitamins: C, β-carotene, РР, В₁, В₂, micronutrients, lycopene and other useful substances.


  • reliably protects products from air and bacteria access;
  • unique modern environmentally friendly packaging guarantees perfect storage conditions for a long time;
  • allows consumers to visually assess the quality of the product and make the right choice.


  • glass jars with lids are easy to reuse;
  • a variety of packaging volume offers the convenience of choice;
  • sauces are for cooking and ready for adding to dishes;
  • main ingredients of sauces are shown on the sauces’ labels.


  • products include: sauces, vinegars, ketchups, tomato pastes, mayonnaises, soup bases, mustards and adjikas – all condiments that satisfy a variety of taste needs of the consumers.


  • quality control of raw materials and compliance with sanitary standards;
  • modern equipment and production technology ensure that the final product is of excellent quality;
  • natural properties and nutritional value are preserved.


  • an ideal combination of mid-level prices and high quality that is a ”thrifty Consumer”-oriented.

PrJSC “Lutsk Foods” is a Ukrainian producer of groceries that has been producing high-quality food products since 1945.

During its existence Lutsk Foods has managed to get the domestic recognition as a producer of healthy and safe food products of consistently high quality, and has gained the reputation of a responsible and reliable partner.

The company’s history goes back over 70 years, during which the latest trends were always closely followed and new technologies were introduced. In 2008-2010, a complete reconstruction and modernization of the enterprise was carried out.

In 2014-2016 the modernisation program continued, and two more production lines were put into  operation.

As a result, it became possible to extend the range of high-quality and exclusive in their formulation products produced by Lutsk Foods.

The company has its own national brands –  Runa, Ridnyi Krai – with more then 70 SKUs produced under these trade marks.

The company’s products are fully certified,  made only from natural raw materials without preserving agents or food coloring agents.

Tomato paste, the quality of which was approved by the state standard DSTU 3343-89, is used as a base for sauces’ recipes.

Runa is represented by a broad range of grocery products: sauces, tomato paste, soup bases, mayonnaise, adjikas and mustards, ketchups, vinegars.

One of the important activities of the company is making private label products. Since 2009 Lutsk Foods has been successfully cooperating with the largest retail chains of Ukraine, partners from Western Europe and Africa in the field of private label production. The range of private label products has 30 SKUs

Today the company employs over 350 highly qualified specialists in the fields of production, supply and sales. Experienced managers make important marketing and strategic decisions that promote further development of the company and satisfy the requests of all its stakeholders.

Export is one of the priorities of Lutsk Foods. The products of the company are available on 4 continents in countries, such as: Azerbaijan, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, the USA and others.

Systematic approach to quality control of our products on all production stages guarantees exceptionally tasty and healthy products for our customers.